Opening conference to launch the Danish Society of Engineers "Year of Energy 2006"

Publiceret 14-12-2005

The Danish Society of Engineers is arranging an opening conference on 23 January 2006 to launch their "Year of Energy 2006".

The purpose of the conference and the "Year of Energy 2006" is to place energy higher on the political agenda .

For more information on the initiative "Energiår 2006" contact the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA)

Environmental technologies

Any technology, that either directly or indirectly improves the environment. It includes technologies for limiting pollution with the held of cleaning, more environmentally friendly products and production processes, more efficient energy and ressource management as well as technological systems that reduce the environmental impact.

Examples include e.g. technology flue gas cleaning, wind turbines, water treatment, enzymes for animal feed and washing powder, biofuel production, energy-efficient pumps and substitution of chemicals with more environmentally friendly solutions.